Ground Mounted Solar Power Station Services

Among the services provided by AINESH as part of the implementation of business projects for the construction of ground-mounted solar PV plants, the following can be distinguished:

  • Assistance in choosing a suitable site location
  • Development of the most optimal project implementation concept
  • Pre-engineering survey work
  • Assistance in obtaining Technical conditions for connection to external electric grid
  • Development of a detailed design for the construction of a ground-based solar power station
  • Selection and supply of basic equipment, materials and components
  • Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Putting the facility into operation
  • Accompanying the processes of obtaining a license for the production of electric energy, issuing a green tariff, signing all the necessary contracts necessary for the sale of electricity

Construction of roof-top solar plant

AINESH provides general contracting services for the construction of roof-top solar PV power plants. We carry out a full range of works, including the design and installation of solar panels on the roof of your enterprise, as well as the subsequent monitoring and maintenance of a photovoltaic plant.

AINESH specializes in the construction of solar power plants for businesses. We do have many years of experience of working in B2B format and implementing investment and construction projects as a general contractor. At the request of the client, we provide support for all licensing and approval procedures necessary to obtain a license for the production of electricity and to get approval for a “green” tariff. The installation of solar panels on the rooftop will be carried out by professional specialists who trained and have more than five years of experience in implementing large projects.

Operation & Maintenance

Ainesh Renewable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a new tech-enable Renewable Energy Asset Management Solution provider; we offer turnkey asset management solutions which help the Renewable Energy asset owners maximize returns. Armed with trained and diligent team, our team is technology experts having spent years in research on solar technology in academia before associating with us.

AINESH offers its customers several packages of services for the operation and maintenance of solar PV power plants.

1) The basic package includes full maintenance of all photovoltaic and other equipment on the DC side, as well as alternating current up to 1 kV (solar panels, inverters, electrical panels, cables, etc.). This service is performed during quarterly visits to the facility by the technical specialists of our company. In addition, the basic support package includes 24/7 monitoring of the operation of the photovoltaic solar station.

2) The next package will add services for operational and maintenance of equipment 1 kV and above (transformer substations and switchgears). In this package of services, our company undertakes all the work on periodic maintenance of the equipment of the solar power station, which ensures its continuous and maximum efficient operation.

3) In the third O&M service package, operational maintenance of the PV power plant and some common works at the power plant are added. In this service package at your facility will always be our attendants. Our employees will perform work on continuous monitoring of the condition of the equipment, do the necessary checks and tests, remove grass, manage the warehouse of spare parts and equipment. We recommend this package for owners of solar power plants who wish to receive full technical support for the operation of their solar power plants.

4) If you need full service and operational support, we offer you the maximum fourth package, which also adds services for the physical security of the solar power station and maintenance services for the equipment of the system.

In addition to the service packages described above, AINESH also performs separate work on the full technical inspection of any type of solar power station, performs thermal imaging examinations, organizes the washing of the surface of solar panels, and carries out repairs of supporting metal structures (both with a fixed angle and trackers). Our service team conducts extraordinary visits if it is necessary to quickly eliminate the consequences of accidents or identify critical defects in the operation of any equipment of the solar power station.