Solar Plant Evaluation

We Performs third party solar evaluation to evaluate a power plant and its functioning. Sometimes small details such as wiring size, warning signs and material used can make a big difference towards the functioning of power plant. We are here to evaluate every nook and cranny to make sure that your power plant is of acceptable standards. Our inspection is based on IEC: International standard for Photovoltaic (PV) stand-alone systems-Design verification.

The solar evaluation includes and but not be limited to the following sets of inspections and tests:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Field Inspection for Array
  • Performance Tests
  • Specifics for Ground Mounted Arrays
  • Installation of Appropriate Signs
  • Equipment ratings
  • System functioning

    When investing in a technology it is even more important to make sure that the technology is right. Solar is at the end is a technology game and we understand that and give it the foremost importance. Our team has worked extensively on solar PV research.


    Our team of engineers have had extensive solar training & experience, working on the field.


    We make sure that the solar power plant undergoes different evaluations as per international standards. This makes sure that the solar plant is running at its full capacity.


    We constantly monitoring the solar power plant from our central command & & periodically inspecting the solar plant site.


    A solar forecast is a calculated forecast of the amount of electricity that will be generated by a solar power plant over a given period of time. Correct and accurate forecasting is essential for the successful integration of renewable energy systems into the Indian energy system. Accurate forecasts can help determine the cost of electricity for the day ahead and also prevent imbalance penalties.

The AINESH company offers a service for forecasting the operation of solar power plants, including – hourly for the day ahead. This service includes the following:

  • Research of equipment and solar station parameters (capacity, type of equipment, angle of inclination of panels, geolocation, season);
  • Test calculation of PV power plant’s generation
  • Hourly forecasting of electricity production
  • Automated submission of forecast data to the market operator
  • Responsibility for the correctness of the forecasts for the generation of a solar farm

To obtain a detailed commercial offer, please, contact our specialists. The list of documents that must be provided for the most accurate forecasting of generation from your solar power plant is the following:

  • Exact geographic coordinates of the solar power plant
  • The number of solar modules and their type
  • Master plan for the placement of solar modules indicating the azimuth and angle of inclination to the earth’s surface (indicate if the angle of inclination is variable)
  • The number of solar inverters and their type
  • Data on generation from inverters for the last year with an interval of 5 (15) minutes
  • Access to the office for data transmission of the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer”
  • Data on solar power plant’ shutdowns for the last year (planned, emergency)
  • Access to commercial metering system
  • Access to the monitoring system of inverters (in view mode)