Today AINESH represents a powerful fusion of R&D cluster, which relies on many own developments and know-hows, and innovation production capacities with huge experience in construction and installation works.

We have accumulated huge experience in construction for different power facilities:

  • Industrial and home ESS systems.
    • IPP- AINESH Renewable incorporated in 2020 to develop, manage, and own renewable energy assets. We are a team of diversified and deep experience in project management, business development, Design, and solar project construction. We have the capabilities and resources to assume all roles required to culminate any project into a success.
      • On- Grid Solar Power Plant -

        • Development of project effectiveness, which takes into account specific territorial factors that can influence the power generating facilities and develop methods for minimizing their impact.
        • Cost calculation for solar power plant (CAPEX).
        • Solar Power Payments Calculations (IRR).
        • System design and detailing of all units of the solar power plant and engineering.
        • Selection, procurement and delivery of all necessary equipment and components.
        • Carrying out all complex of construction and installation works, as well as providing of start-up and commissioning works, training of personnel and setting up of stations in operational mode.
        • Support of procedures for obtaining permission to connect a solar power plant to the general grid for the implementation of electricity for green tariffs.
        • Comprehensive maintenance of the solar station, monitoring the serviceability and productivity of all key units of the facility.

        Energy Storage System –

          Energy storage systems (ESS) are modern technology that can give a new impetus to the development of the entire solar energy industry. The problem of the possibility of accurate forecasting of solar generation from industrial solar power plants and potential penalties for imbalances in case of a mismatch between the forecast and the fact contribute to the prospects for a wider introduction of energy storage systems in new and existing projects of industrial solar power plants.

          AINESH offers a full range of services for the implementation of ESS technologies for solar power plants and other facilities. We will be able to select the most optimal solutions, design, equip and build a system of energy storage of any complexity. The scope of AINESH’ services at implementation of the energy storage systems projects can include the following:

        • Design, fabricate, ship, installation or installation supervising, testing, start up, make ready for service a fully functional ESS that meets customer’s requirements.
        • All equipment, materials, labour and tools required to installation assistance, test, and supervising commissioning of the ESS.
        • Assistance at installation of the electrical connection line from the ESS to the AC point of connection.
        • On-site training for operators, engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel.
        • Supply of any special equipment and tools required for the operation and maintenance of the project in the case of necessity.
        • Supply an initial complement of spare parts upon the request.
        • Warranty for all components of energy storage systems.
        • As-built documentation including design, equipment and electrical connections drawings.

        Our commissioning program includes, but not be limited to, procedures for design verification, operational acceptance testing, start-up procedures, functional acceptance testing and safety testing.

    • EPC- Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services under Turnkey Solar EPC Solutions for Utility scale Ground-mounted, Rooftop and distributed, Solar Parks, CAPEX as well as OPEX projects.
      • i) Pre-design works and services - The construction of solar and any other types of power plants is a complex engineering project that requires a lot of investment and time. To reduce potential risks in the subsequent stages, it is necessary to carefully carry out all the preparatory work necessary for high-quality design.

        There are the following works among pre-design services of our company:

        • Collection and analysis of initial data for design – urban planning conditions and restrictions, technical conditions for connecting to the grid, permits for the use of the land plot and others
        • Development of technical specifications and organization of geotechnical and geological survey works
        • Development of technical specifications for the analysis of the bearing capacity of buildings and structures
        • Development and approval of technical specification for the design
        • Preparation of tender documentation
        • Analysis of available permits
        • Project technical feasibility study
        • Technical audits
        • Obtaining the necessary approvals and permits.
        • Equipment analysis using PVsyst
        • Module technology comparison
        • Layout based on optimization

          Power plants modelling and simulating Usually, design begins with technical modelling and simulation of the future project in different modes. The peculiarity of the renewable energy industry is that with the right technical implementation of the project, even a slight increase in the specific generation of many years of operation, the owner of the power plant brings a very large additional profit, which requires the initial stages of the relatively small additional cost. Proper modelling will take into account the individual characteristics of a specific geographic location, as well as equipment selection, which will be the most optimal. Our design and engineering department with the shortest possible time is able to arrange power plant modelling of power plant you need and provide you with our recommendations as per design documentation development. Using our in-depth knowledge of both PVsyst and PVsol, we’re able to create simulations of any solar installation while calculating yearly energy distribution with high accuracy.

          Available simulations include:

          • Forecast total energy production [MWh/y] to evaluate profitability
          • Establish data on performance ratio (PR [%]) to define the quality of the system
          • Assess specific energy [kWh/kWp] data to indicate system’s energy production
          • Create 3D shading scenes to provide an in-depth shading effect analysis.

            Project Visualization - One of the most efficient ways of moving your solar project a step closer to implementation is using visualized drawings. Making your solar project visually appealing and clearly showing the impact it has on the local environment has been a very successful factor in getting planning permissions for many of our clients. Whether it’s a large-scale project with a scenic area or a simple design, we can make it significantly more appealing using visualizations and animations.

            Renewable energy power plant feasibility study - AINESH can prepare a Feasibility Study of your project. This document is being developed under a specific customer problem and takes into account the specifics of the project. A typical composition of the Feasibility Study for RE power plant includes the following sections:

            • Legal analysis of the renewable energy market in India
            • Input data and results of engineering research
            • Justification of the object
            • Justification of the capacity
            • Basic technology, construction, architectural and planning decisions
            • Equipment (options)
            • Major decisions on engineering maintenance facility construction
            • Justification of the staff
            • Basic provisions on the organization of construction
            • Difficulty category of the project
            • Technical and economic characteristics of the object
            • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investments
            • Specification for the design
            • Consolidated payment of construction costs
            • Applications: datasheets, simulation reports, etc

              Construction of solar power plant - The staff of our company is experienced in the field of renewable energies, and regularly improves their skills and practical experience — already more than a dozen well-functioning projects. So, if you are interested in services for the construction of RE power plants — welcome to contact our company. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work, as a general contractor inclusive.

              Civil construction and electrical work in solar industry - The services of the Ainesh Renewable group in the installation of solar power plants include both integrated project management and individual construction and installation works: the installation of all types of foundations for the mounting of supporting metal structures (driven piles, concrete piles, geo screws, gravity blocks, etc.) or trackers, laying of cable networks in trenches and cable trays, installation of power and protective electrical equipment, commissioning works. In addition, we carry out commissioning work at solar power plants, the adjustment of relay control and protection systems, install monitoring systems, sensors and sensors, and much more.

              Implementing the construction of solar PV power plants, we independently carry out installation and construction work for roof-top and ground-mounted solar power plants. Our company has gained extensive practical experience in installing solar panels on almost all types of roofs and various soils. Installation of equipment (solar modules, inverters, transformer substations, etc.) should be carried out by professionals who have accumulated extensive practical experience and are aware of which technological methods should be applied and which are undesirable. The solar power station built with AINESH is an important step towards ensuring maximum power generation and reliable operation of your facility over many years of operation.

              Supervision during the construction of solar power plants - As a designer of renewable energy facilities, AINESH provides field supervision services for the construction of solar power plants. Our experts, if necessary, carry out the widest possible monitoring functions, ensuring that your solar plant is built to the highest quality standards and is guaranteed to achieve the highest level of reliability.

              Construction of Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant - AINESH provides general contracting services for the construction of ground-based solar PV power plants. We offer investors our assistance in the design, delivery of a full range of equipment and materials, as well as the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning works and the subsequent operating and maintenance of ground-based power plants.

          We provide turnkey services for the construction of solar power stations throughout the territory of INDIA. We are ready to offer the installation as a typical solar power plant project, as well as to develop an individual variant, which will take into account all the wishes of the customer and peculiarities of the place (object), where the installation will be carried out. AINESH is a real long-term working experience in the INDIA solar energy market! If you have ideas and a desire to build a solar power plant in INDIA – we are ready to implement it!

  • Powerful (5+ MWp) industrial-scale solar power stations.
  • Medium-size ground-based PV power stations (1-5 MWp).
  • BIPV and roof-based solar power stations, including multi roof-located options.